Procter and Gamble
Procter and Gamble
Integrated Campaign

P&G approached us with the task to develop a big idea for a big initiative to increase brands’ linkage to P&G and boost P&G corporate brand awareness as a company behind the renowned high-quality products. The aim was to leverage the high-quality reputation of Pampers, Head & Shoulders, Fairy, Pantene, and others.


The first devaluation of local currency by 34% in February 2015 and substantial decrease in oil profits caused a sharp decline in purchasing power of the population. That meant the significant shift toward choosing cheaper and low-quality products. What we’re trying to explain the consumers is that the real value of money is not defined by cheaper price. It is the quality which defines the best price, therefore the best value for money.


We developed a concept that embraced both high-quality reputation and economic value of P&G products - Keyfiyyət Sərfəlidir, which means higher quality gives more value for money. We choose Bahram Bagirzade, the famous actor, as a brand ambassador. Although being a celebrity, he enjoys the reputation of very down to earth person. So as an accessible high profile person he has reflected P&G’s affordable, high-quality products very well.

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