Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders
Integrated campaign

Create awareness about new H&S shampoo, Soothing Care. Embed H&S image as a ‘cool brand to use’ in the hearts and minds of consumers.


Our target audience, men between 16-35, consider themselves as an independent thinking and are pretty resistant to a bulk of straightforward advertising. As one of the H&S challenges was about being “old fashioned and boring”, we believed that entertainment was the best way to deliver our message, speaking to the audience its language.


We used the famous saying - "Başımı qaşımağa vaxtım yoxdur "(too busy to scratch my head or busy as a beaver) - to engage the target audience in conversation. We invited them to share short videos where they had to prove that they didn't have time (or possibility) to scratch their heads. The reason didn't have to be realistic; it could be funny, exaggerated, etc. We offered two masculine prizes for the best videos: scratching the winner’s head by Roya, our local Rihanna, and… cash! The scratching actually was washing, by imitating scratching, the winner’s head by H&S publicly in the biggest shopping mall. In five weeks, more than 700 videos were submitted! The campaign resulted in 158,000 unique visitors on basimisiqasi.az and more than 20,000 sharings on Facebook.

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